Mission Statement

The Journal of Fantasy and Fan Cultures is a new journal that seeks to publish the best scholarly and creative non-fiction work on the fantasy genre and its fan cultures by undergraduate and graduate students. The journal is peer-reviewed, produced, and published by undergraduates and graduate students in the English Department of Southern Illinois University Carbondale.


Faculty Advisor/Editor

Academic Year 2020-2021: Dr. Patrick McGrath, Assistant Professor

Academic Year 2019-2020: Dr. Jane Elizabeth Dougherty, Associate Professor (Founding Editor)

Associate Editor

Courtney S. Simpkins

Graduate Student Advisory Board

Fall 2019:

Ash Durrance

Andrew Goforth

Mandi Jourdan

Lauren McDaniel

Ivy Reitz

Kyle Stolcenberg

Katherine Woods

Spring 2020:

Mandi Jourdan

Khara Lukancic

Lauren McDaniel

Kyle Stolcenberg

Undergraduate Editorial Board

Brooke Buerck (Spring 2020)

Kimberly Reed (Spring 2020)

Zachary Seibert (Spring and Summer 2020)